Corporate Mixology Workshops NYC

Have you ever watched a bartender mixing a delicious cocktail and thought: "I wish I could do that?" Guess what, now it's time for you to learn the tricks of the trade. Whether you're having as a team building event or elevating the usual holiday party, have a look at our cocktail making packages available to book at your location and get ready to shake things up!

The mixology classes we offer are the perfect outing for office parties and team building events so gather your colleagues and get mixing like a pro! Package options range from a minimum of five people per class up to large mixology events for up to 200 mixology enthusiasts.

Touch base with our Events team and let us help you plan the office mixology party of the year! Glassware, the mixology equipment, ice and the ingredients - for one day we move the bar to you!

mixology events NYC

Zoom Mixology Classes

On-line bartending classes with cocktail making kits included for parties at the office.

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    Virtual Classes

    Online classes in cocktail making!

    Virtual Mixology

    Cocktail Shaker Set

    Cocktail shaker set for mixology enthusiasts.