Couples Mixology Class NYC - fun cocktail making classes

Forget al indoor dinning, cinema, bowling and window shopping. You've done it all, again and again. If you are looking to impress your date on your date night with a fun activity, you might as well make the most of your time and test drive a fun mixology class for couples in NYC on this particular occasion.

Fun Date Night Activities NYC

Whether you are a bartender novice looking to gain confidence, a total mixology whiz looking to add to your repertoire, a couple or group of friends seeking an alternative fun night out in NYC, we have the perfect class for you!

Our Mixology instructors take pride in sharing their knowledge and expertise in our intimate, hands-on environment.

couples mixology class NYC

Virtual Mixology Events

Cocktail making activities for couples, book virtual mixology classes on Zoom!

Mixology Classes For Couples NYC

Our couple's mixology classes in NYC classes feature techniques and flavors best suited for each season. Each class presents recipes that show off our favorite ingredients, so you can create impressive drinks every time of year. Learn the techniques of the beautiful art called mixology and put these recipes to test at home! Learn about our most popular offerings – the best couples mixology class NYC has to offer!

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